7 habits to boost your effectiveness

Are you looking for a better way
to organize your e-mail, calendar,
and task list?

This short book, filled with examples, introduces 7 surprisingly simple habits that can revolutionize your productivity levels!

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What others say

This easy to read book provides not only great steps & tips for taking back control of your email, calendar and task list - but it also gives you the tools to achieve that much desired and often elusive work life balance.

Sandi Mitchell
CPC, ELI-MP, MBA, President of Apex Leadership Coaching

Must-have position for all of you who drown in emails. If your productivity suffers from your buzzing inbox, phone or tablet those easy to follow steps will eventually turn into habits and deal with all the distractors. No more "later!"s nor excuses. Productivity: welcome back!

Krzysztof Ras
Software Development Division Director at Luxoft Poland

My specialty is Lean Management and Lean Product Development, but this book brought me few fresh and bright ideas. In a nutshell: Effectiveness is a matter of perfect organization. Effectiveness is a matter of setting priorities. No matter, how long and hard you are working, first of all you have to set clear goals and plan, how to achieve good results without waste.

Henryk Metz
experienced Lean Management coach and IT project manager

Today's world demands from us to be more and more efficient, especially when dealing with multitasking. This book contains several golden rules that when used together boost your effectiveness to the level you never expected to reach. Just make them your habits.

Dominik Gazda
Test Team Manager, Nokia Siemens Networks

About the author

Piotr Nabielec is an IT trainer and coach
who has worked in a number of different roles
for small companies and several large corporations like Motorola, Nokia Siemens Networks,
and Sabre Holdings.

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Effective Multitasking

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  • Sample contains 4 chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Inbox as a Task List
  • Habit 1: Classify action
  • Habit 4: Prioritization and Total Focus


  • Introduction
  • Inbox as a Task List
  • Habit 1: Classify action
  • Habit 2: Storing materials
  • Habit 3: Awaiting response
  • Habit 4: Prioritization and Total Focus
  • Mastering your Calendar
  • Habit 5: The Golden Rule of your Calendar
  • Effective Task List
  • Habit 6: Making it all work together - Mind Map
  • Cleansing
  • Habit 7: Weekly cleanup and daily startup
  • The First Step


Paperback 978-83-937607-0-1
Smashwords e-book 978-83-937607-1-8
Amazon e-book 978-83-937607-2-5